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Dansk FlagClassic Audio

This site is in Danish

Frede Kristensen Owner Welcome

Classic Audio sells fully refurbished HiFi products
Radio receivers, amplifiers, speakers, turntables and tape recorders.

These are products from the period 1965 - 1980
Products produced in the "golden period for High Fidelity".

Classic Audio specialize in Bang & Olufsen, Thorens, Quad and Revox HiFi products.

Classic Audio will be happy to do a careful total restoration for you if you allready own a classic product.
Here you will find information about the company, trading terms, descriptions of the restoration process with pictures and descriptions of rare classic collectibles.

Classic Audio
  • Company profile
  • Sales conditions
  • Restoration conditions
Full restoration what is it?
  • Restoration process
  • Total restoration of a BeoLab 5000 with pictures
  • Total restoration of a Beogram 3000 with pictures
You can read more about the total restoration of classic HiFi products

Link to the Classic Audio site      CLICK   HERE      (Opens on a new page)  THIS SITE IS IN DANISH ONLY!

You can find the information in English also - please click at BEOLAB 5000 above

Dansk FlagEngelsk FlagBeolab 5000 system

This site is in English and Danish

Beolab The BeoLab 5000 website is created as a tribute to
Bang & Olufsens amazing Beolab 5000 system from 1967.

Classic Audio has a stock of all products in BeoLab 5000 series and are selling these great products total restored with a certificate.

For some (of us) it is almost like a dream, that it is possible to buy a completely restored BeoLab 5000 High Fidelity amplifier now more than 45 years after the launch in 1967. The Beolab 5000 will be delivered in a cosmetic quality like new and technically with specifications as the original or better.
BeoLab 5000 comes with a certificate that confirms originality and technical specifications of the product

You can order the products:
  • Beolab 5000
  • Beomaster 5000
  • Beogram 3000 - Thorens TD 124 MKII
  • Beovox 5000
  • Beovox 2500 Cube
  • Beocord 1800
You will also find these information on this site:
  • Company Profile
  • Sales conditions
  • Restoration process description
  • Beolab product manuals
  • B&O broshure for Beolab 5000
  • Technical information - Beolab 5000

If you already own a Beolab 5000 Classic Audio offers a careful total restoration of your product.

Link to the Beolab 5000 site      CLICK  HERE      (Opens on a new page)     This site is in English and Danish

Dansk FlagSvensk FlagClassic Audio PickUp Service

This site is in Danish

PickUp Classic Audio has established an agreement with a German factory, and that means your B&O pickup can be rebuild / restored.

It is many years since B&O stopped supply of pickups, but many still own a nice classic B&O turntable and a lot of vinyl records. It is a really nice feeling to put a real vinyl record on the turntable and listen to a sound quality the audio CD or streaming technology cannot reproduce.
Today plenty of vinyl records are released with both new releases and reissues of original vinyl records. This means that there are a great many reasons to get your classic B&O pickup restored if the sound is not as expected.

B&O pickuptypes that can be renovated:

SP6-7 MMC1 MMC5000 MMC20

This service also applies for your Ortofon or other classic cartridge types!

Link to PickUp Service     CLICK  HERE     (Opens on a new page)  THIS SITE IS IN DANISH ONLY

Dansk FlagNorsk flagSvensk Flag Finsk FlagThorens TD 124

This site is in Danish


Thorens site Classic Audio is distributor for Schopper AG in Switzerland for Scandinavia.
Schopper AG produces high precision spare parts for Thorens TD 124.

Thorens TD 124 is perhaps the worlds most famous classic turntable.

Thorens TD 124 is Swiss quality - Thorens TD 124 is a true classic - Thorens TD 124 is a dream to own.


• Classic Audio sells spare parts for Thorens TD124
• Classic Audio also sells completely restored Thorens TD 124 with the Classic Audio Certificate
• Classic Audio offers totally restoration of your Thorens TD124.


You can read more about restoration your Thorens TD 124

Link to Thorens TD 124 site     CLICK  HERE        (Opens on a new page)  THIS SITE IS IN DANISH ONLY!

Dansk FlagQuad

This site is in Danish

Quad Classical High Fidelity products from the "golden period of High Fidelity" also means Quad of coarse.
Quad is English, Peter Walker, the famous founder of Quad once said:
"If an amplifier sounds different than a Quad, it is because the amplifier is faulty!"

Quad amplifiers and speakers are great products and you can get really great results by the careful restoration and upgrading.

The Quad products Classic Audio prefer to work with are:

Quad33 Quad303 FM3 Quad44-Front-s.jpg (22.403 bytes)
FM4-Front-s.jpg (21.225 bytes) Quad405-Front-s.jpg (20.546 bytes) Quad606-Front-s.jpg (19.226 bytes) Quad34-Front-s.jpg (21.326 bytes)

Classic Audio has a stock of Quad products ready for ordering.
(at Classic Audio we never restore any products before the product is sold and all details are agreed with the customer)
You can read more about the restoration and upgrading of Quad products.

Link to the Quad site     CLICK  HERE      (Opens on a new page)  THIS SITE IS IN DANISH ONLY !

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